How to Take Care of Your Upholstery At Home

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How to Take Care of Your Upholstery At Home


Your furniture items at home play a great role in making your house comfortable, and not to mention, beautiful.


A clean, well-maintained furniture can immediately give you an impression of an organized and well-maintained home, even a well- maintained life. And let’s face it, stained, dirty, or smelly upholstery on your furniture isn’t exactly pleasing to come home to.


The good thing is, you, as a homeowner, can save or extend the life of your furniture pieces with just a little effort. Paying close attention to the condition of your upholstery will help you a lot in properly taking care of it.


For leather upholstery, regular vacuuming of the crevices will remove any deep-seated dirt. A simple wiping with the dry cloth will also do wonders for your leather upholstery. Keep in mind that extreme and direct heat can impact the quality of leather, so it’s best to position your leather furniture in areas with no direct sunlight.


For fabric upholstery, you have to put a little more effort when it comes to cleaning.

Apart from the regular vacuuming, spot cleaning may also be necessary sometimes. Since the fabric is most likely to absorb spills and liquids, you have to be particularly mindful around fabric upholstery. But, because there are circumstances where stains and spills on an upholstered couch are inevitable, the best you can do is to act fast. Act fast, but not carelessly. If something was spilled on the upholstery, get paper towels or white cloth to help absorb as much as the moisture on the surface. Blot the affected area. Before using any commercial cleaner, check if this particular cleaning product may harm your furniture in any way. If you must apply the cleaning agent, do it sparingly and do NOT scrub as it may aggravate the damage, just blot it. If it fails, call in the professional cleaners for help.


Turning your cushions over (for any type of upholstery) from time to time will also help extend the life and color of the fabrics in fabric upholstery.


Having your furniture items cleaned professionally every year, regardless of the visible or invisible stains, is also necessary if you want to keep using your upholstered furniture for a long time.