Things You Should Never Do to Your Upholstered Furniture

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Things You Should Never Do to Your Upholstered Furniture


We all want to keep our upholstered furniture clean, stain free and smelling fresh. The problem is, sometimes, in our aim to remove all stains and dirt, we are desperate to try all cleaning methods we assume would work effectively against the contaminants in our upholstery.


While it pays to know what we should do for our upholstered furniture to take care of them, it is equally important to be aware of the things you should never do to it.


Never apply bleach to your upholstery. – We see it in commercials, bleach is supposed to successfully remove stains from fabrics, right? It would work, right? Well, some bleach may remove stains – but it would also have a destructive effect on your upholstery. Bleach can cause the fibers in your upholstery to disintegrate. If you may use cleaning agents, opt for homemade products, or check the information on your upholstery first to make sure what you will be using won’t cause any damage to it.


Never place your leather upholstery under direct sunlight. – Sunlight and extreme heat can cause leather to deteriorate. More often than not, leather exposed to sunlight hardens and then develop cracks over time. In decorating your room, place the leather furniture far from the windows.


Never remove the upholstery covers. – The covers of cushions in our furniture may be removed, immediately making us think that it’s safe to remove these covers and wash them separately from the foams. However, some of these upholstery covers tend to be deformed or sometimes even shrink when washed separately. Just do a spot cleaning with the cover intact; and if you come across tough stains, call in a professional upholstery cleaner.


Never use ammonia for cleaning. – Some do-it-yourself enthusiasts might suggest using ammonia to clean your upholstery, but this could lead to irreversible damage. Using ammonia for cleaning purposes on your fabric may lead to it being discolored.