Types of Upholstery Fabrics

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Types of Upholstery Fabrics


If you are looking into replacing your old couch or sofa in the living room, you could easily be lured into buying the first sophisticated-looking upholstered furniture you come across with. While that’s not so bad, especially if the first furniture you see is what you really wanted, it would still be better to know all your choices.


It could be an advantage to know what makes each type of upholstery special so you’re sure you aren’t just picking what you regard as beautiful, but something that you could enjoy for a long time.


There are two general types of upholstery fabrics – natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics.


Natural Fabrics


Leather – Sleek and elegant, leather is one of the most popular choices when it comes to the fabric material. Easy to clean, stain resistant and water resistant, leather upholstery is ideal for homes with kids. Leather also looks good after years of being used.


Cotton – Breathable and comfy, cotton upholstery is an excellent choice of upholstery fabric as well. Cotton upholstery, as long as it is made from 100% cotton material, can effectively resist wrinkling, fading, or wear and tear.


Wool – Wool can be an expensive choice, but its extreme durability and resistance to wrinkling and soiling can just be worth your money. More often than not, wool fabric is blended with synthetic materials for it to be easily maintained.


Synthetic Fabrics


Acrylic – Resistant to the soil, water, tear, dirt, and wrinkling, it’s easy to see why acrylic upholstery is also a popular choice for residential areas. Just choose carefully in buying an acrylic upholstery because there are some types that are not resistant to abrasion.


Nylon – Nylon can be exceptionally durable when combined with other fabric materials. However, it has the tendency to fade over time and can be easily affected by direct sunlight exposure. It is also worn and stain resistant.